Thursday, November 17, 2011

Welcome to my snazzy shopping blog!

Greetings and welcome aboard my little blog if you've happened to stumble across it. In case you have, I'm assuming you are obsessed with, or at least a little intrigued by, all things girly, cosmetic-related and of course, the hobby that ties almost every girly girl together - SHOPPING!

That's right, this blog will have the primary focus of retail therapy!   It's something a little bit frivolous but at the same time, often a necessity when it comes to things like skincare and everyday basics like shampoo and conditioner and so-forth... but also extends to the more self-indulgent and oftentimes slightly excessive exploration of all that glitters on those department store shelves.

And of course with the retail world ever-expanding in the online sphere, there's always that added 24/7 thrill and temptation at your fingertips.  Not to mention the opportunity for more bargains and discount shopping than ever before. - so, if you're gonna dive in, at least ensure you do it in style and... SHOP IT SNAZZY!

There'll be a bit of beauty, a dash of makeup, best-of clothing, candle and cosmetics reviews and breakdowns, skincare tips and tricks as well as favorites, collections and storage overviews. So Follow me to add a little bit of class to your everyday routines and perhaps discover a few new favorites to add to your lists. You might also come across some perfect gift ideas for the special girls in your life (or for yourself! *cough*)

Have a shop-tastic day!

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