Sunday, November 27, 2011

What NOVICA is and why I'm a lifelong customer

I love Novica!

Novica is the fairtrade jewellery, accessories and homewares arm of the National Geographic network.  It allows craftspeople from all corners of the globe to market their wares to a wide market on an internationally recognised platform backed up by the reputation that National Geographic holds in multiple countries. 

I stumbled upon their site by accident one day when searching for some amethyst earrings and have been indulging in their timeless yet unique pieces ever since.  I must say I’ve never had a failure with them.  All of the handcrafted pieces that I’ve purchased are so unique in styling so I pretty much know I’m not going to see every second person draped in the items like often happens with popular department store jewellery or mass-market jewellery stock from places like Forever 21 or Diva (even though their costume jewellery is fun every now and then). Not to mention I always get a good amount of wear out of them and I know they are going to last me a long time thanks to the high quality gems that are used and the care taken in producing the designs.

I really believe in the ethics that underpin the company and I still think they manage to offer great value for money whilst supporting local artisans from around the world and helping them to find a wider customer base for their crafts.

That said, everything I’ve ever purchased has been of extremely high quality and you can really tell that the craftspeople put an incredible amount of time and effort into what they do; they really are masters of their craft so I think it’s fabulous that they are able to sell their beautiful jewellery on a global scale thanks to a recognised company and network like Novica.  

One thing to be aware of though is the varying shipping times.  Oftentimes you'll have to wait a bit longer and pay a slightly higher shipping rate than you would normally expect to when ordering online.  However, taking into consideration the myriad of locations of all the different craftspeople, if your order consists of items from more than one artist you may find that your order takes a little longer to arrive, but this is only a minor inconvenience for such lovely, unique jewellery that is crafted by hand in so many exotic locales.    

Below are some of my favourites from their stunning range on their site at the moment.  After a while browsing the site you get to know each artist and begin to be able to recognise them by the specific style and design of their pieces.

This is my absolutely top favourite of the moment... actually for quite a while!  I have been eyeing this necklace on Novica for so long but as it's one of their more expensive pieces I have been waiting for it to go on sale or perhaps wait and buy it as a gift for myself for Christmas... or next Christmas!  

I absolutely adore the checkered cut and the teardrop shape; I think the design of this pendant is perfectly balanced.  The sweet little sterling silver swirls really set off the amethyst stone beautifully.  I also like the fact that the chain is quite chunky - I think this size and style of pendant needs a more substantial snake chain to show it off properly. 

I'm a big fan of topaz for summer.  It looks fab paired with white outfits and it also makes blue eyes stand out.  I also like pieces which feature both gold and silver - the two tone effect not only provides unique detail and styling, it also ensures that you'll be able to wear it with your other favourite pieces of jewellery without worrying about trying to stick with only gold or only silver.  So, if you're a gal who likes different metals, two tone pieces are handy to have in your jewellery collection to pair with anything and everything.  

Again, I love the chunky snake chain on this pendant as well.  While I also like the delicate look, these kind of statement necklaces require more substantial chains to really anchor them to best effect.  

I adore the shape of this.  It's a fairly classic pendant shape but the added scroll detail works to make it a little more interesting.  I'm usually more of a fan of the colourful gemstones but for some reason I was drawn to the soft pastel tone of this lavender jade.  I think it could really work well with both casual and formal outfits.

I've never owned much in the way of blue jewellery of any sort, but lately I've been drawn to all sorts of blue gems for some reason.  This one caught my eye the other day because of its creamy powdery blue colour and unusual shape.  I just really adore the design of this.  This would look fabulous with flowy summery outfits or more dressed-up summer attire.

Keep your eye out in future posts for more of my Novica favourites of the moment!

But let me know for now... what do you think of Novica and what has your experience been like when ordering from them?

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