Saturday, December 10, 2011

My new baby - Michael Kors midsized gold chronograph watch

I had been eyeing this watch from Michael Kors (style number 
MK5055) for a while before I decided to jump in and order it.  I'd noticed many people, including celebs, sporting the oversized watch trend and I wanted to give it a shot despite my small wrists and generally petite frame.  

And after this stunning beauty of a piece arrived, I was glad I did.  

I've never owned a watch in this style before as I've always opted for more delicate, smaller watches and usually in silver.  However, lately I've been more drawn to gold jewelry for some reason... so this piece fit the bill perfectly.

Just something to bear in mind though, if you're not used to wearing heavier watches then this takes a little getting used to, at least in my case.  That said, I'm noticing its weight less and less on my wrist as time goes by.  

It manages to mix the big watch trend for women with the classic styling of a round face gold bracelet watch.  Take a look at my new beloved statement watch...

So I guess you want to know where you can get your hands on this watch?  

~ It's available on the Michael Kors website of course, as well as on Nordstrom and John Lewis but if you're after a bargain you can check out the great deal on Amazon...

Let me know... what's your favourite watch or watch brand and are you rocking the oversized or statement watch trend or digging the chunky arm candy?


  1. sooo want a Michael Kors watch! that one is gorgeous.

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