Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Haul - a few of my favourite Chrissy gifts 2011

Even though I despise the phrase 'Christmas *haul*' itself, I decided that I wanted to post some piccies of a few of my favourite gifts that I received this year, because I absolutely love them.

I did receive a few other belated gifts from various people, including some DVDs (Bright Star and Cranford), a recipe book, a pair of Swarovski earrings on holidays, a couple of gift cards and some other little things apart from what is pictured here but these were my main presents.  You'll notice that I've put my beloved Michael Kors gold watch in there as it was kind of an early Christmas gift even though I picked it out.

Keep in mind that as I am in my early 20s, you won't see the typical 'ridiculously spoiled, over-indulged teeny bopper haul' here... being 23 years old I don't rely on Christmas to 'get-all-the-things-I-can't-buy-for-myself' during the year type thing - I just get a few gifts and am very grateful and appreciate the thought that my family put into them, just as I enjoy putting special thought into the gifts I purchase for them.

My main gift was a brown leather Fossil handbag - called the Maddox Satchel.  The photos don't do it justice here... the leather is extremely hardy yet also so buttery soft and it is adorned with extremely heavy sillvery hardware and the usual Fossil hanging keys.  I didn't own a brown purse (I usually carry either black or cream/off-white) so this was an excellent addition to my accessories wardrobe.

If you're into costume dramas and classic period pieces, you'll love Jane Eyre... this is the only adaption that I'm yet to watch but I'm excited to see it.  

 Slightly hidden from view is a great little jewelry roll/travel jewelry holder in a favourite pattern of mine - black and white damask.  This came in very handy on my recent trip because I had previously been making do with carrying my jewelry in a small cosmetic bag which did have clear pocket dividers but it was nowhere near as user-friendly and easy to find things in as this roll-up one makes it.

The black leather bracelet is from Pandora.  I have a sterling silver charm bracelet from Chamilia which holds all of my Pandora charms/beads but I didn't own anything else from Pandora.  I love the fact that it's one long strand that wraps around to look like a double strand bracelet.  Along with it I also received the sterling silver and crystal bead/charm that you can see on the bracelet in the photos - I'm not sure exactly what it's called but it is a double style lock/clasp, so it fits on both of the strands - I thought that concept was pretty neat looking.

I was particularly excited about this beautifully boxed gift set featuring the new-ish Eau So Fresh version of the original cult-favourite Daisy fragrance by Marc Jacobs, packaged alongside a mini travel size bottle of the fragrance (came in very handy on holidays, as the main bottle is quite large adorned with its bulky yet stunning stopper) as well as a very strongly scented body lotion which is very true to the perfume itself.

Everyone knows Daisy but I'm glad I got the Daisy Eau So Fresh (which I had never smelled before) as it has a bit of a lighter, more fresh (as the name implies) scent and boasts an extremely pretty multi-coloured rubber daisy stopper.  I also adore the fact that this version of Daisy has a hint of the more fruity notes on top of the standard floral fragrance because I always find myself drawn to any sort of fruity fragrance  (DKNY Be Delicious is one of my all-time favourite scents).   

If you're interested in knowing where some of these pieces can be purchased online, here's a rundown - 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh perfume-
(the fresh new take on the original Daisy fragrance - I like the Eau So Fresh scent a lot more than the original; it's summery and a little more fresh and fruity)

Pandora black leather double strand bracelet-
I got black, but these Pandora leather bracelets are available in a variety of colours:

Michael Kors gold midsized chronograph watch-

Fossil Maddox Satchel in dark brown- 

- I hope you got some lovely gifts this year!  Let me know what your favourite Christmas gift this year was?

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