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Formula 10.0.6. Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask in Orange + Bergamot review

My experience using Ten-o-Six's Deep Down Detox mud mask...

... let's get into the review:

The company claims “this super-cleansing team of ingredients Orange, Bergamot and Sea Salt work together to detoxify and banish impurities.For a clearer, brighter complexion - book your skin in for a Deep Down Detox today... and every other day!”

“A glass of OJ in the morning, a Deep Down Detox mask in the evening - oh the power of Orange! This natural ingredient is a superior skin hydrator and brightener too.”

And boy do they deliver. I haven’t yet tried the other two mud masks by Formula 10.0.6 (the Oil-Absorbing mask and the Skin-Clarifying mask) but after I get through this tube I will test out those other formulas to see how they stack up against the power of the Deep Down Detox mask.

To be honest, this is the first time I have actually owned the tube form of this mask. Throughout my high school years I would routinely pick up the sachet ‘1 use’ form of this mask but this is the first time I have noticed that they have sold it all along in the tube/bottle form. Had I known that all along I wouldn’t have had to purchase so many of the one-time packets back then! Granted, the tubes are not overly large for the price, but I have found after having used this mask for many years that you do not require a lot of product to cover your entire face evenly to create enough of a layer to successfully suck out the impurities.

The thing I think I love most about this mask is the texture. It is an incredibly creamy formula but it’s not too thick which means that it goes on smoothly every time. Some other masks I have tried have a consistency that is far too thick that it doesn’t seem to glide on easily. This mask is incredibly easy to just spread over your face with your fingertips without needing to go back for more and more product to cover your whole face. You also don’t waste any or contaminate the product because it is packaged in the sealed tube rather than many masks which tend to come in lidded plastic containers. (think The Body Shop range of masks – which are also good but I think I do prefer the ease of a squeezy tube for dispensing such a product without getting too much out)

Apart from the ease-of-use of the product, the mask itself does what it purports to do, that is, detoxes your skin by removing impurities. It really does feel as if it is cleaning deep down because once it is removed (with warm water or a cleansing wipe) I noticed my pores felt squeaky clean and when I dried my face with a towel, my face felt very fresh and ever so smooth. As for the brightening claims, in a way I think that this mask has delivered on that promise because of how deep it seems to clean. In other words, skin that has been properly cleansed so deep down seems to radiate with more clarity than skin that features clogged pores and a rough surface texture.

Apart from its excellent skin cleaning and acne prevention properties, it also smells great! That’s not always the most important thing with facial masks but it is a nice bonus. The most important point is that it most definitely doesn’t have an offensive or irritating scent like some skincare products seem to have. To my nose it comes off a very fresh and zesty scent but it’s not overpowering at all.

That’s why it’s so important not to overlook the purpose and benefits of a good mud mask in your skin care routine. Cleansing properly every day in fine, in fact it’s very beneficial, as you know, but adding a weekly mask treatment into your routine really helps to boost the vitality of your skin, improve the texture of your face and keep your skin clear of nasty pore-clogging oils and bacteria that builds up naturally as we go about our daily lives. Formula 10.0.6 claims that it’s okay to use this particular mud mask a couple of times a week but if you have sensitive skin I would suggest using it less often; once a week at the most if you suffer from problem skin.  

However, not everyone has enough time to do a weekly mask so if you can make time to do it every two weeks then that is fine also. In fact, perhaps a better option for people who have very sensitive skin. It’s also a good idea for women who experience breakouts or problem skin right before their period or throughout their PMS time to remember to do a mask beforehand so that the skin is less likely to cause you trouble in that stage because it is cleaner and there’s not as many places for bacteria and general dirt to get trapped and cause a worse breakout.

A good mask is also a great way to relax, so whenever you can find some time out for yourself to de-stress and look after your skin is worthwhile. You will be rewarded by your skin looking clearer, more vibrant, smoother and with a more even texture.

Final verdict: This is an excellent mask.  Definitely one of the best masks I have used. It doesn’t sting at all like some other masks can tend to do, particularly on sensitive skin, so that is a definite positive for me. I like a mask to actually ‘feel’ as if it’s working, which this one does, but without the stinging factor. The consistency of the product is practically perfect and there’s no waste because it is packaged in a squeeze tube.  I was really pleased that it didn’t leave my skin dry at all like some masks have in the past. I have combination skin (more on the dry side now that I am in my early 20s) but some products can leave me with dry patches on my face and are far too harsh and stripping but this mask wasn’t drying in the slightest. I honestly cannot think of any negatives with this product but if I had to think of one I would perhaps comment on the relatively small size of the tube/bottle that it comes in. It is not an overly expensive product, but for the price it would be nice to have a slightly larger container. However, I can find nothing negative about the actual product itself. It delivers on all its promised claims and produces great results. I am extremely happy with this mask by 10.0.6 and I will be repurchasing this mask for regular use and I am looking out for more of their products to try out in the near future.

Have you used any products by 10.0.6?  And also, what is your favourite mud mask?

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