Monday, February 6, 2012

The Body Shop haul, Almond Oil hand cream packaging woes and scrubby goodness!

I'm a big fan of The Body Shop.  I've enjoyed using their products since I was a teenager and still love trying out the various lines and scents that they bring out, as well as stocking up on the old favourites.

Let me just start off by saying that as a religious user and devotee of their Almond Oil Daily Hand And Nail Cream (I buy that stuff like a junkie I tell ya!) I was recently disappointed to learn that they had changed the packaging on me!  Instead of the usual plastic flip-top style tube, they have now changed it  to a metal tube with a screw cap.  I can't understand this type of packaging.  The ease-of-use and practicality of the flip-top tubes are second to none (the screw caps always get lost, get dropped and are useless to try and use out and about from your handbag)... I don't know why they went and swapped this one over to the 'old style' when there was absolutely nothing wrong with the old packaging.

I had resorted to buying the old plastic tubes on eBay (which I hate doing because I always like to support The Body Shop because I love the products)... until I was browsing their website and stocking up on Body Butter because I had run out, and I happened to see a gift pack on sale after Christmas which included - huzzah! - a PUMP PACK caddy set of their Almond Oil hand cream alongside a matching handwash!

If only this packaging could be available all the time... the pump pack is so convenient, even more convenient in fact that the regular flip-top tubes and not to mention better value because of the larger size container.  
Please, Body Shop, make a pump pack of your wonderful Almond Oil hand & nail cream available year round!

Now, let's jump straight into the haul -

  • Almond Oil Daily Hand And Nail Cream & Hand Wash caddy [not available on their website anymore]  :(
  • White Ultra Fine Bath Lily (these are the best loofahs I've ever used, so much better than the cheapo ones)
  • Olive Body Scrub (nothing beats The Body Shop body scrubs in my opinion... so much more effective than sugar scrubs because the scrubbing beads/granules don't melt away before you've had time to properly scrub your skin)
  • Olive Body Butter (love the Body Shop body butters; such a delicious quick-fix for thirsty skin)
  • Hemp Hand Protector [small size tube] (was just curious to try this out to test the hype... I didn't like it.  I find the smell awful, not a nice 'earthy' scent at all in my opinion, not to mention the cap broke after a few uses!... the crappy packaging strikes again!)
  • Olive Soap
  • Vitamin C Microdermabrasion (this stuff is awesome, I used to use this before they changed the name and I think the formula as well, but it still works extremely well and leaves my skin so smooth)

Olive Body Scrub
Olive Body Butter

Let me know your favourite products from The Body Shop...

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