Saturday, February 11, 2012

Michael Kors iPhone wristlet wallet case

Michael Kors iPhone Zip Wallet

Did I mention that I love Michael Kors...!?

Meet the cutest iPhone accessory ever!  Just the thing for the girly girl who likes to have everything on hand in a tiny clutch.  This shiny black snake print zip-around wallet has the added bonus of a wristlet strap as well as a slip pocket perfectly fashioned to fit your iPhone (3G/3GS or 4/4S... basically any iPhone fits in here because I have used it with both my old iPhone 3G and my new iPhone 4S)  It fits the phone snuggly, even with a cover on; I have an Incase Slider case and it still fits in the designated section nicely.

I just love the ease of use of this wallet.  I already have an iPhone case that I like and it keeps my phone safe from scratches when it's in my everyday handbag which it often is, so I didn't want one of the other Michael Kors iPhone wallets where the phone actually stays encased within the wallet design so it's able to be used whilst inside the wallet.  All I needed was something with a designated pocket/slot that would fit my iPhone and have it easily accessible (with the other MK wallets you can actually leave them in there to charge because it has an opening for the ports, etc).  And I really only wanted it to use for going out instead of an everyday wallet, which I know a lot of people do use these for, so this style suited me perfectly.

Am very happy with my purchase overall.  I just hope it holds up for a while, considering the price tag.

It has gold lining to match the gold tone hardware.  Overall I love the design.  It does come in two other colors/patterns (one with the MK monogram on the outside instead of a solid color) but I went with the black because it goes with everything and it works the best out of the three as an evening/going out type of wristlet. 
Here you can see the slot for the iPhone in the middle of the concertina design as well as a separate set of credit card slots in the side of the wallet.  This makes for easy access to everything and keeps your phone from getting scratched and your cards from getting mixed up. 
It fits all your other goodies in the various pockets - cash, cards, keys, etc... just something I noticed though, when I put a lip balm (just a regular sized chapstick) in any of the compartments it made the wallet bulky when zipped up, even though it still closed fine, it was just a bit of a tight fit... with the iPhone in there as well that is.  So just something to keep in mind if you're a lipgloss or lip balm junkie, it does make the sides of the wallet bulk out a bit if you want to carry a stick of lipstick or gloss with you as well as your phone.

Keep in mind that the little golden Union Jack (British flag) keychain that you can see is just something that I obviously attached myself.  

I thought it looked kind of cute with the gold hardware of the wallet and I like to display my love for England.

The gold branding plate on the front of the wallet - very nice golden detailing all around on this piece, including the zipper and the extremely handy removable wrist strap.

  • So where can you purchase this little baby?  

I purchased mine from the Apple Store online.  That's how I originally found out about this wallet, whilst browsing the iPhone accessories section on the Apple website.

Apple store Australia -

Apple store US -

It is also available to buy direct from the Michael Kors website -

Have a lovely day, iPhone lovers!


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