Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Lush bowl - how I store my Lush to keep it fresh

This is not a recent LUSH haul but I took this pic a while back when I first started storing my LUSH bath bombs in individual plastic bags in order to keep them as fresh and fizz-able as possible when I came to use them.

I don't keep a lot of LUSH stuff at one time but when I do make an order I prefer to get quite a few of my favourite bath bombs to keep me going as I do use bath bombs quite regularly, especially in the winter months as I do tend to take more baths then.  

I have to admit I've always been a fan of bath bombs ever since I was in my teens so I've tried out a lot of brands over the years but nothing has ever come close to the awesomeness of the LUSH bath bombs for me.  I just love the way they colour the water and make bathing a more luxurious experience with their crazy little extras inside the bath bombs like glitter, moisturising oils and rose petals. Also, nothing else I've tried has come close to the LUSH fizziness!  

You can't see in these photos as well as I had hoped my heavy vintage crystal bowl that I discovered works well at storing my bagged bath bombs, bath melts and bubble bars out on display.

It's a shame that the zip-lock baggies take away from the overall cuteness of all the bath bombs together but it's a necessary evil I'm afraid, so you'll have to forgive me for that and sacrifice some of the aesthetic appeal to ensure the precious products stay fresh and, particularly with the bath bombs, don't lose their fizz-factor!

I don't like to keep my LUSH products in the bathroom because of the humidity factor in any bathroom space, but I do enjoy having them out where I can see them (on my side table/bookshelf from IKEA) instead of stuck away in a drawer.  This is a good way to remember to use them as well as making the most of the pretty colours and the best part... the scent!  It really lingers in whatever room you choose to keep them but you don't really tend to notice it after a while of having them there, but I guess it still provides a nice light fragrance... nothing like the LUSH stores though which can be a bit overpowering.

Tisty Tosty bath bomb, Butterball bath bomb, Big Blue bath bomb, Sunny Side bubble bar, Vanilla Fountain bath bomb, Flosty Gritter bubble bar, Dreamtime bath melt.

I'll have some LUSH reviews coming up - I'm planning to place a big LUSH bath products order soon in time for Autumn and Winter, so I'll put up my thoughts/mini reviews of some of my favourites along with some better piccies that'll show my crystal bowl storage solution a bit more clearly.  

--- Until then Lush lovers, let me know what your favourite products from LUSH are?  

And if you've tried any of their body or skincare products (I've mainly stuck with the bath and shower items thus far) recommend me some of the ones you love.


  1. These look awesome. I love Lush!

    1. TY :D Lush is wonderful! I avoided it for a while... silly really... I think simply because it was so hyped up online but after a while I caved and made an order because I can never resist bath bombs - and I fell in love!

      I usually order online though because I dunno what it is about the Lush stores but the smell in there is a bit too crazy for me!