Monday, March 5, 2012

Fashion Wishlist - my most wanted clothing, shoes & accessories

Can you believe it's March already?  Nope, neither can I!

I thought I'd just put the wishlist that I've had forming in my head since the start of the new year down on paper... well... screen to get an idea of what I'm going to be adding to my wardrobe in time for the Winter ... yep, Summer has just ended here in Australia... and there's already so many lovely Autumn and Winter pieces popping up everywhere in the shops.  

So here's my wishlist of the moment:

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC crossbody bag-  
I adore this bag.  I don't own anything in this size and after seeing quite a few YouTube beauty gurus showing it off in various colours, I just don't think I can resist this little darling.  I'm not sure what colour to choose yet, so if any of you guys own this bag, let me know what colour you own?  I adore the dark blue/navy and the red but I'm not sure yet what I'll go for.
I just love the gold detail/hardware set against the navy leather especially, but the red is such a fabulous pop of colour... I just don't know.

It's also now available in this nautical-esque striped canvas print...

The Rebecca Minkoff Mini Macs are stocked at at:

And of course (which offers free shipping within the US, as well as free shipping for those of us outside the US for orders over $300 - so yay for more sites shipping to Australia... and elsewhere!) -

All these various sites offer different styles of the Mini Mac bag, so if one isn't selling the particular style you're after, chances are one of the other stores will.  I've just been searching around a bit because it looks as if only the actual Rebecca Minkoff online store stocks the entire range of Mini Macs, at least at the moment - so if you're after one of the special textured ones or the canvas styles, that might be your best bet.  And I think price-wise, the other sites are only knocking a couple of dollars off anyhow, so check around a bit first.

Hudson Signature Petite Bootcut jeans in 'Elm' -
Being 5'4 with short legs, I'm always on the lookout for great quality petite denim.  At the moment I'm loving my Paige petites as well as my pair of petite True Religion jeans.  I'm always a sucker for dark wash so my eye was immediately drawn to this petite beauty from Hudson.  

I've never owned jeans from Hudson before but their style (with the signature pointed back pocket detailing) has always caught my eye when browsing through the petite offerings on my (very limited) selection of stores who ship these designer brands, especially Hudson for some reason, to Australia).  

I've also seen some really good reviews for this brand so I'm definitely looking forward to trying them out.  I hope I have some luck with these because as you fellow petite girls will know, we have a much more limited range of jeans styles and brands to choose from, so we generally have to choose a bit more carefully.

The Hudson Signature petite bootcut is available at: 

And on US shipping is free on orders of $150 or more and they also offer international shipping - yay again! (they have the whole range of the petites as well, including black [which I'm also eyeing off!) and white as well as other dark wash options all in the classic signature petite style) -

TOMS shoes -
I have avoided the Toms 'trend' for a while now but after a few instances of blisters from gladiator sandals, I think I might finally have to cave in.  I don't think I'm adventurous enough to opt for one of the more out-there, patterned or textured styles but I'm thinking a nice simple black or vibrant red might just do the trick.

If you're not familiar with Toms shoes, with every pair you purchase, the company gives a pair of new shoes to a child in need.  Their slogan is "One for One" and frankly I think it's a brilliant idea and of course great for their image at the same time.  We always like to see companies embracing corporate social responsibility, or at least I do... so Toms seems to be on a winner in my opinion.  It certainly seems to have taken off in a big way too, which isn't surprising.

They have also expanded their range to include other styles of comfortable footwear, besides the classic original Toms style you're probably already familiar with, such as ballet flats, wedges, wedding styles and even glitters!
Here is the classic style in the red stonewashed twill finish which I also like.  Decisions, decisions!
Here's the classic women's canvas on the TOMS webstore -

And here's the classic women's stonewashed twill/cord style -

MARCS 'Tex Ponti' Collarless Bind Detail Jacket -
Marcs is an Australian clothing brand for those of you who are overseas and haven't heard of this label, but they're an upscale fashion chain with stores all over the country.  I adore their structured, amazing quality jackets and blazers as well as their cozy, classic knitwear and blouses.  So many of their pieces can be worn as casualwear and dressed up as eveningwear alike.  I really like that they keep so much of their range classic which really expands its versatility.

I just adore this jacket in a camel colour.  I think the 'collarless' design is really interesting and is going to be great for winter to wear more comfortably with a bigger, cozy scarf.  I just love the button placement too and the cut of the lapel and the pockets.

Here is the Tex Ponti jacket on the MARCS webstore -

Tony Bianco 'Alexa' ankle boot in Tan -
I've been on the lookout for a sturdy yet stylish pair of ankle booties for a while now and since we're coming into the cooler months I had a look around my favourite footwear sites and happened to come across this classic little pair from Tony Bianco.  They're on the pricey side but if you've ever owned Tony Bianco before, you'll know that you get what you pay for.  I also love the other colours that these boots come (black and beige) in but I don't really own anything in tan so this one would be the most obvious choice for me.

Windsor Smith Baltimore Boot -
Still on the bootie front... I like this new arrival from Windsor Smith - the Baltimore boot in the brown which they are calling 'tan' as well.  This style also comes in black but I've certainly got my fair share of black boots in all manner of styles so I'm on the hunt for the browns right now.

This is a more slouchy type style and much more casual in the (almost) flat design.  They are also the same price as the Tony Bianco pair but I definitely don't mind paying that for Windsor Smiths as I've had two amazing paira of black suede boots from them before and boy do they hold up!  I've never owned such a sturdy yet comfortable low-heeled boot before.  They were amazing but eventually the suede started to look a bit ratty so that was the end of them.  So it's great to see some lovely new boots from Windsor Smiths emerging this season.

Looking forward to trying these out... I don't have a store near me but after discovering StyleTread (Australian online footwear store) I don't really have to worry about that anymore as they offer free shipping and returns (quite rare for Aussie retailers!) so you can try as many as you want and always send back the ones that don't fit or suit you.  StyleTread's range is also massive... again, pretty rare for an Australian site.  I've ordered from them quite a few times now and haven't had any problems.  I'm definitely a fan.  So get on board Aussie girls, it's definitely a great resource, especially for us girls (and guys!) who don't have a huge range of shoe shops nearby).

Here's the Windsor Smith Baltimore boot on StyleTread -

And lastly, a couple of the accessories I've been eyeing off lately...

Free and Dear Darlings necklace from ModCloth -
Everything's gotta be birdcage themed lately it seems... and ModCloth has taken on this trend and fashioned the most beautiful necklace that really screams statement piece.  I think this would look gorgeous paired with a simple knit or round neck top and a blazer for Autumn or Winter.

Here's the birdcage necklace on -
Secret Lair necklace from ModCloth -
Again, a little affordable costume piece from Modcloth but a cute one at that!  Even though it's more of a summery type piece, I thought I may be able to work it into some autumn outfits anyway because I just adore the style of it.  I don't own anything like this and I just love anything turquoise or aquamarine toned.

Here it is on the ModCloth site -

--- That's all for today folks... but stay tuned for more wishlists in the coming months!  And let me know what's on your fashion wishlist at the moment?  


  1. You will love Toms. I caved too and I got the all black shiny ones (they're not too shiny) and I adore them.

    I also LOVE the Rebecca Minkoff bag, especially in the red.

    Happy shopping!