Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm loving... new Madison Diagonal Pleated Sophia Satchel from Coach

Look at that pleated leather... PLEATED LEATHER!  I just love the design of this new leather bag by Coach.  

I am already the proud owner of a few Coach handbags and I find them incredibly sturdy and stylish and they just fit my needs perfectly.  

I woud own more by now but even though we have...only a few...Coach stores in Australia, they still do not ship to Australia from their online store and since I don't live anywhere near one of their stores, it's not an easy task getting my hands on Coach.   So, my current Coach bags come from either eBay (yes, I only use reputable sellers and have not had any problems with fake Coach handbags yet) and via the use of a buying/shipping service - very expensive process mind you... (yep, you US folks have no idea the lengths (and added expense!) us Aussies go to to get our hands on hard-to-find brands in Australia!) 

I'm not into monogrammed purses (hence me not being a fan of the ubiquitous LV Speedy).  I definitely gravitate towards classic colours and more simple silhouettes.  I can't stand the gaudy brightly coloured Coach designs, although they are marketed toward teens so it doesn't bother me as long as there are enough classic, more mature handbag styles available as well.  But detailed leather, or pleated in this case, is a wonderful thing.  I think this new design is simply gorgeous!  

--- What is your favourite colour in the new Coach Madison Diagonal Pleated Leather Sophia Satchel? It's available in red, black and grey.  

I'm debating whether to get the black or the ruby red...

Black with silver hardware:
Ruby with brass hardware:

Available on for $428 - new Madison Diagonal Pleated Leather Sophia Satchel
style no. 20181p

--- Let me know if you're a fan of Coach and what sort of products you usually buy from them?

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