Tuesday, March 27, 2012

J.Crew now ships to Australia!

In case you fellow Aussies haven't caught up on the news, US fashion retailer J.Crew is now offering shipping to Australia via their online store.

In the words of Vogue - The preppy mega-retailer, a favourite of First Lady Michelle Obama, announced they now ship to 107 countries, including Australia. 

Before you jump for joy though, take note of the overwhelmingly inflated pricing - yep - once again us Aussie shoppers cop the raw end of the deal.  Considering the strength of the Australian dollar currently, there's no way Aussie consumers should be getting screwed like this.  

We're so used to paying double for things and not to mention crazily high shipping costs on top of that, so I don't usually even bat an eyelid anymore, but even I noticed the absurdly inflated J.Crew pricing in AUD.  Surely there's no need for quite that amount of markup!

Anyway, for those of you (like me) who've got a weakness for J.Crew's knitwear, I'm sure this is welcome news.  I also adore their range of blazers and I appreciate their quality, so I might be picking up a few key pieces here and there but it certainly won't become a regular store for me until they sort out their international pricing... it's inflated enough as it is for US customers.  

Welcome to Australia J Crew!

--- So check out their range at www.jcrew.com

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  1. I agree- WAY too expensive....such a shame!