Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More love for NOVICA - my latest purchase and current discount coupons

I've mentioned my love for Novica before.  A couple of days ago I spotted a stunning silver heart pendant on one of their online ads and I just knew it would make the perfect Easter gift for my Mum.  She does love the traditional chocolate gifts but she adores jewelry more (hehe, don't we all!?) so she always finds a new special piece of jewelry a better (and more long-lasting!) present than a bunch of chocolate eggs.  And I'm glad she does because I get to buy chocolate for everyone else and then get the added enjoyment of picking out a lovely trinket for her.  

I always have fun choosing jewelry for her because we share similar tastes in accessories (unique yet still classic at the same time type items) and we're both big fans of gemstones and two-tone designs.  

Anyway, when I spied this silver heart, with stunning intricate detailing to boot, I knew straight away I had to buy it as a gift for her... particularly as I'd seen her admire a few different heart-shaped pieces recently.  But I think this one will go down well as it has that unique edge that she loves - after all, everyone's got an open heart pendant... but this one just boasts that point of difference with the filigree work and fascinating bale.  

It's a stunning piece and I was pleased to be able to order it for a slightly reduced price thanks to my $5 Novica points/credits leftover from a Christmas order that I made, along with a $10 off discount code (on orders of $40 or more) I found by doing a Google search for Novica coupons.

Sterling silver pendant necklace, 'Mighty Heart'

Here are 2 discount codes that are currently working on the NOVICA site for all of their products - Novica.com -

When checking out, you can either use the code NOVICANY12 (this was posted 3 months ago but it still works as this was the one that I used to get $10 off because my order was over $40)

Or if you're making a smaller order you can use the code SAVE7NOVICA to receive $7 off your order.

--- Have you ever ordered anything from Novica and what was your experience like with their products and customer service?

~ Have a great day.  :)


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