Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Attention Aussies - "Chucks For 50 Bucks!" Authentics Online sale and Mother's Day discount code

Listen up Aussies - for those of you who've been looking for the perfect pair of Converse for this season, now is the time to pick up a pair on Authentics Online, the store with the best range of Chucks in Australia.  They've been my shop of choice for buying my Converse All Stars for a while now and I've never had a problem with them; their service is spot on and delivery was quick even to a regional area.  I was so used to only seeing an extremely limited range of Chucks in my local footwear shop, not to mention the prices in the shop were much higher than what they go for online at Authentics.  

I've found that their range of Converse shoes comes on sale quite often and I've purchased both low and hi-tops from Authentics - I've always been pleasantly surprised at the wide range of colours and prints (as well as limited edition pairs).  I'm the kind of person who'll only mention a store if I've received great customer service and this is one of those instances.  I think it's always worth pointing out a positive experience, especially when it involves products which are a little more difficult or pricey to come by in Australia. 

Sorry I'm a bit late on this Mother's Day sale coupon but thought I'd just put up the code for anyone who has been searching for one or waiting to buy a new pair of Converse on sale ('cause as you fellow Aussies know, they are a tad more expensive to buy in stores here in Australia).  

--- The code is MUMROCKS (use at checkout) for 20% off on purchases of $89.99 or more.  Offer ends at midnight!  

Again, sorry for the lateness guys.  But again, their Chucks are still on sale (heaps of them for 50 bucks), so I definitely recommend them as my favourite place to stock up on Converse.

Also, they are offering Free Next Day Delivery on orders of $89.99 as well!

So hit up www.authentics.com.au 

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