Sunday, May 6, 2012

Is Sephora coming to Australia? - another rumour about Aussies getting Sephora stores in 2012

A while back I heard rumblings about the possibility of cosmetics giant Sephora opening stores in Australia... and the rumour-mill is now churning once again.  

According to Sarah at The Science Of Beauty blog, she heard from someone at Sephora that there could be plans to open a store here (in either Sydney or Melbourne) by the end of this year and that once there is at least one store here in Australia, it will be possible to place orders online Australia-wide.  

The Sydney Morning Herald has also reported that if this venture goes ahead, it would be Premier Investments who would be bringing the chain to Australia.  

It's surprising that Sephora hasn't graced our shores already actually, but better late than never 'ey ladies?  If in fact this happens to be more than just a rumour, that is!

Hopefully this is true because Sephora currently offers shipping to other international destinations and operates stores in 17 countries... why does Australia so often get left out in the retail world?

Now all we need is for Coach to offer shipping to Australia... which would be incredibly handy since they have such a limited amount of stores here and only offer a limited range in Australian department stores.  I can't even imagine the extent of my Coach handbag collection if I had access to the full range of Coach products online!  

--- Now, bring on the highly inflated prices all around - I can only cringe thinking about what the Australian Sephora prices would look like!  (if J Crew and the various other international online stores who offer shipping to Australia are anything to go by though, us Aussies will be getting screwed over yet again.  Considering the strength of the Australian dollar and various other economic factors at the moment, it makes zero sense and it's just not on)  At least we've (finally!) got Ben and Jerry's in Australia now to sweeten the deal!  

Fellow Aussies, let me know the brands/stores/products you wish you had access to?  

And don't forget to add anything you've heard about the Aussie Sephora rumours by commenting below...

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