Sunday, June 10, 2012

My newest belt from Fossil

I was never really a big belt person until very recently when I got hooked (sorry, lame pun there) on my first real leather belt from American Eagle which I bought online.  It's not for sale on there anymore but they do always seem to have a rather nice selection of belts available -
It's brown with gold tone hardware but it's a tad too wide for some of my jeans loops so I was on the lookout for something thinner with less hardware (the AE belt has metal link detailing spaced around the belt so that's what makes it difficult to fit through some of the belt loops on a few of my denim pieces).

I just happened to stumble across one which was exactly what I was after on the Fossil website.  Being a fan of Fossil for years (I adore their leather wallets and I'm currently carrying their gorgeous brown Maddox Satchel) I was browsing their new arrivals for this season and came across this belt in just the colour I was looking for and fairly plain in style but still with a smidge of vintage flair with the perforated edging.  I was sold!  I've never had a failure with leather goods from Fossil so I don't mind paying a little extra for them (this belt was about $20 more than the one I have from American Eagle but I know Fossil quality so it's not too bad really)

Anyway, here it is - my super mini haul... nothing too exciting really but you can't go wrong with leather goods that you know are going to last you for years, and I always find it difficult to pass up a good vintage style piece from Fossil... plus it states that it is designed to be worn with jeans and that's what my other belt isn't really suited for, so I know it's going to become my new favourite everyday belt this Winter.

Vintage Perf Belt NEW$ 59

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