Sunday, November 25, 2012

Big savings at NOVICA in time for Christmas - 3 discount codes to save up to $25!

Use these discount codes on to save between $10 and $25 on your purchase, until November 27.

This is the perfect time to shop to ensure you get those presents in time for Christmas.

Novica is one of my favourite online stores to source stunning gemstone jewelry both for myself and to give others as Birthday and Christmas gifts.  I have been purchasing jewelry from Novica for years and I've always had great luck finding the kind of unique jewelry pieces in the style that my family loves.  (check out my linked posts below to find out more).

They always seem to have fairly good prices because they do sell below RRP, but it's always a nice bonus when they offer decent promo codes to coincide with my holiday shopping.  I'm looking forward to browsing their collection of new jewelry in the next couple of days in order to find something special for my Mum in particular.

On a side note, in case you haven't seen my previous posts about my experience with the wonders of Novica, I shall link them here in case you don't know about Novica and what it stands for...
- What NOVICA is and why I'm a lifelong customer
- More love for NOVICA - my latest purchase and current discount coupons

~ have a lovely day shopaholics... and I hope your festive season shopping is on track!
Also, let me know if you snag any good deals using the Novica coupon codes.  I love to hear what people purchase from the wide range of jewelry on Novica because I'm always surprised that's it's not more well known considering the high quality and uniqueness of the pieces that they make available from their pool of artisans from around the world.

I always try to tell anyone who will listen about how much I adore their jewelry and I nearly always receive a compliment when I wear one of my Novica pendants or earrings.  People seem to always want to know where I got them and when I tell them "Novica online", they nearly always respond with a blank expression and a "what's that?"  Surprising really!  I really hope the word about Novica starts to spread around Australia more soon... and I'm certainly contributing my little bit for now anyway!

I also hope they begin to offer more reasonable and competitive shipping prices to Australia - yes, big e-tailers - we know our island of Aussie is a heck of a long way away from almost everywhere!... but high shipping charges (many times on US online stores the shipping price comes in at a higher figure than the actual item, which is rather crazy and off-putting to consumers!) really do put Australians off shopping online from overseas.

More free or even reduced shipping/postage deals or promo codes every now and then would go a long way to encouraging more Aussies and New Zealanders to make purchases and keep them coming back to order again. We already have to wait anywhere up to 3 weeks and sometimes a month in bad cases to receive items we buy online from overseas, so that wait on top of ridiculously high shipping costs doesn't make for a smooth shopping experience.  I think a lot of companies who offer worldwide shipping would do well to re-evaluate their shipping services to countries such as Australia and NZ in order to be able to give their customers a fair deal and not to mention avoid putting off potential customers.

~ Anyway, rant over, back to Novica.  Tell me about your experience with ordering from Novica and if you plan on doing any Christmas shopping on there this year...

Your gift purchases can help small artisans thrive!

If you had the choice, wouldn't you rather purchase from an artisan who could give their family a better life with the proceeds, than from a department store offering mass produced items?

A gift from NOVICA makes real world differences to real world people.

People like Cynthia Danquah - If her sales are good during this holiday period, maybe she could realize her dream of starting her own workshop.

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