Friday, December 28, 2012

My Order from USA Foods - American grocery haul PLUS 20% Off Discount Code...

UPDATE:  A few minutes after placing my order, I happened to check the USA Foods Twitter account and what do ya know... they had posted a discount coupon code for 20% off your entire order!?  *head.desk*  Thought I had missed out on that one, but after tweeting them about it they were nice enough to let me cancel my full-price order and re-order again using the promo code before they re-open their warehouse again in the New Year!  Bonus.  Not many companies would be happy to do this, so props to you USA Foods.

--- so for those of you who want to make an order with USA Foods and want to use the discount code the first time (unlike me!) here it is... use the code 20OFF2013 when checking out to receive 20% off your order.  A great New Year incentive to treat yourself to some yummy American food and snacks.


Ever since visiting the US, I've had cravings for Snapple Lemonade.  It quenched my thirst brilliantly on a bloody hot American summer day and it's such a shame that Snapple isn't available here.  Sure, you can get plenty of awesome juice varieties and brands here in Australia, but lemonade (that's actual "proper" lemonade, not the fizzy Sprite, Lift or Solo that we Aussies often refer to as lemonade) isn't something that is particularly popular or widely sold in Australia.  You can get it, it's just not as common (or as sweet, mostly!)  heh.

So anyway, I was searching around for some Snapple on the grocery websites that sell US/American brands of groceries and foods and even the most popular one, USA Foods, aren't currently stocking the regular Snapple Lemonade... pity, they have many other Snapple flavours on there but no lemonade.  Ah well, next time hopefully!

But for now, I purchased a couple of other varieties of lemonade, including a raspberry one... just for fun.  They probably won't taste as good as Snapple because they are of the "mix your own" variety, but they'll serve the purpose for now I hope.

I was obviously hungry whilst I was browsing the USA Foods site as a few other tasty treats seem to have migrated into my shopping cart (including quite a few Toast Em Pop Ups because well, I've never tried anything like pop tarts before, Marshmallow Fluff / Creme because it's evil and that's just how I like my food!, Crackerjacks which you can get many similar varieties of here but I did enjoy these whilst I was in America so I thought what the heck, Jello Instant Pudding Mix in Butterscotch because I'm a sucker for anything butterscotch and I've never actually tried instant pudding before, as well as sundae syrup due to the fact that you can't get good sundae syrup here in caramel, there's usually good, rich chocolate ones here because that's the most popular, but an actual caramel sundae syrup rather than a watery caramel topping type thing is quite hard to come by here in Australia)...

So yeah, anyway, pretty deliciously naughty American grocery haul there folks... *cackles*  Take a look at what I bought.  This is me clearly being far too bored around New Years...

Gross Amount
ImageToast'ems Pop-Ups Frosted Strawberry 11oz1Toast'ems-frosted Strawberry$2.72$2.72$0.27$2.99
Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme 13oz1Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme 13oz$6.35$6.35$0.64$6.99
ImageCrackerjacks 3 Pack 3oz1Crackerjacks 3 Pack$3.63$3.63$0.36$3.99
ImageToast'em Pop-ups Variety Pack Strawberry, Apple & Cinnamon1Toast'ems Variety (bsc,stw,app)$4.54$4.54$0.45$4.99
ImageCountry Time Lemonade 8 Quart1Country Time lemonade$10.99$10.990.00$10.99
ImageCrystal Light Rasp-Lemonade 8qt1Crystal Light Rasp-Lemonade 8qt$7.99$7.990.00$7.99
ImageHersheys Classic Caramel Sundae Syrup 15oz1Hershey Double Caramel Syrup$5.45$5.45$0.54$5.99
ImageJello Butterscotch Instant Pudding Mix 3.4oz1Jello Butterscotch Instant Pudding Mix 3.4oz$2.99$2.990.00$2.99
Shipping & Handling$11.26

P.S:  I might do a bit of a fun update and review on my thoughts about these foods from the US when my order from USA Foods arrives.  In the meantime, stay sugary!

--- You can stock up on all your favourite grocery lines from the USA at
(I'll let you know how they go with my order)  And don't forget the coupon code folks, which is valid until the 31st of January 2013 - 20OFF2013


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