Sunday, December 16, 2012

Support the Salvation Army KMart Wishing Tree this Christmas - celebrating 25 years!


When you're buzzing around busily buying Christmas gifts for all your loved ones, it sometimes doesn't cross your mind that for many families, this just is not a reality of the season or simply can't be a priority for them.

When I was picking out things to give my little niece and nephew this year, it just really made me think about the kids who won't be able to have special presents to open on Christmas Day.  I know the kids in our family are thankful for the Christmas experience that they are able to have and I realise even more now, as an adult looking back on my childhood Christmas memories, how blessed I was to have the kind of Christmases that all young kids find so magical.

This is why I always like to spend time picking out toys to wrap for the KMart Wishing Tree, which is Australia's largest Christmas gift appeal.  It's something that almost every Aussie can do whilst doing their own festive shopping.  It doesn't take much time at all and it's such a worthwhile thing to do that really does contribute to the happiness of kids (and older folks too!) at Christmas time. That's the other thing... don't forget gifts for teens and adults as well.  I like to pick out something to wrap for an older person along with a child's gift because more people tend to buy for children.

--- Anyway, hope this encourages some more people to head to KMart to support the Salvos Wishing Tree appeal as you're doing your last-minute Christmas shopping.  You still have plenty of time as it runs up until Christmas Eve.  Let me know if you support the KMart Wishing Tree and the type of presents you like to buy to put under the Wishing Tree.

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Here's a rundown on how to participate in the Wishing Tree:

How to Participate

How to give a gift

To participate in the Appeal simply take a gift tag from the tree and specify the age and gender of a suitable recipient, place it with your gift (wrapped or unwrapped) under the Wishing Tree located in any Kmart store or at our Express Gift Drop off point located at the front of the store. Gifts do not need to be purchased from Kmart. They can be purchased from any retailer or handmade.

Cash contributions

As an alternative to donating a gift, you can make a cash contribution at any Kmart store register or place spare change in the coin collection boxes located at store check outs. These contributions are converted into Kmart gift cards and distributed by The Salvation Army to recipients, allowing them to choose their own Christmas gift.

Purchase e-cards

You can also purchase a Kmart Wishing Tree e-card for a family member, friend or colleague. All proceeds from the sale of e-cards will be donated to the Appeal and converted into Kmart gift cards for distribution by The Salvation Army.

Purchase eCards

Donate online

Alternatively you can make an online donation to The Salvation Army.

If you want to find out more information about the Wishing Tree (which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year!) or see the 2012 Gift Tally, check out -

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