Monday, January 14, 2013

Ladurée is now open in Australia. Howdy, macaron heaven!

If you've ever been to Paris, then you may be savvy to the epic macaron empire dotted delicately around the streets of the city of love - Ladurée.

But for those of you who are yet to sample perhaps the most famous example of the meringue-based delicacy, now you don't even have to venture to Europe to indulge, as these melt-in-your-mouth delights procured by the steeped-in-history Ladurée are now available right here in Australia.  Yay!

Aussies rejoice!

When I visited Paris, I picked up a small sample box of Ladurée macarons after hearing so much about the brand from various sources.  I was actually hoping to enjoy a sit-down Ladurée experience but due to the mega long queues for the cafe and our limited time in the city, had to settle for a pre-packed variety box at one of their pop-up kiosk stores at the Palace of Versailles.  Ordinarily I would've liked to take my time over choosing my own flavours and so forth, but again our time constraints meant that I pretty much had to grab whatever was closest and run.

Not to worry though, I still got my macaron fix nonetheless... and enjoyed every bite!

The only other macarons I'd tried previous to Ladurée were the macarons from the Lindt Cafe in Melbourne (which are also downright amazing, I must say!) as well as a couple from a little bakery place in the food court of Doncaster shopping centre... the name of the place escapes me but they sell the containers of mini cupcakes with glitter on them also, which I may or may not gobble down in their entirety as an afternoon snack on occasion!

Anyway, I digress, back to the macarons at hand - take a look at the new Ladurée store which is now open in Sydney.  Yes indeed, those lucky Sydneysiders beat us Melbournians to it this time... but I'm sure we can look forward to our very own Ladurée shop and cafe before too long.  If they are worth their salt, they should be well aware of the food-loving culture alive and well in Melbourne and so we should be the next pin on the map to receive our very own slice of French dessert tradition.  I sure hope so!  I shall be waiting patiently.

But for now, if you happen to be within craving distance (heh, I feel rather isolated down here in Victoria for once!) of Sydney - more precisely...
Westfield Sydney Centrepoint
(Level 3) 
Corner Pitt Street Mall and Market Street
...then hop on down and taste some of these treats for me!

Heads up, they also offer a selection of delectable chocolates, teas, jams and preserves as well as various other little sweeties to tempt you and you can choose to either dine in or take-away.  They even have the elegant macaron towers displayed just like in the Parisian shops.  Very cute decor all round.

Here's a look at the current macaron flavours menu available at the Sydney Laduree store -

And here's what the decor looks like... not as cozy or boutique-like as many of the overseas Laduree cafes (since it's located within a shopping centre) but still an extremely cute place to partake in an elegant afternoon tea -

Super cute!

My favourite macaron flavours are salted caramel, lemon, strawberry marshmallow and vanilla.  
What are your favourite flavours of macarons?  

Also, let me know if you've ever tried Laduree macarons and what you think of them.  What is your opinion of the Sydney Laduree in comparison to the Laduree stores and cafes you may have seen overseas?

~ have a sweet day, macaron lovers!

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