Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mecca Cosmetica Haul - BareMinerals and NARS

Hi ladies, I'm back with a haul from one of my online stores of choice, Mecca Cosmetica.  If you're an Aussie girl into cosmetics of any description, then you'll be aware of Mecca and will have no doubt been tempted on more than one occasion by their fabulous range of beauty products.

They stock an impressive array of international brands and while they are not cheap by any means (as us Aussie beauty junkies know all too well of local cosmetics prices.  *side note- you can read about why Australian online spending is going to overseas retailers in this article*) I do like to support Australian stores where I can.

In the meantime, we can only hope with the continued strength of the Australian dollar that we will have access to top brands at a fair and competitive price before too long.  That would indeed be an incredible boon for the Australian cosmetics industry.  

Anyway, I digress... onto the goodies!

This haul is on the small side but you'll see some bigger Mecca (mega! heh) hauls from me from time-to-time on here.

Nars Deep Throat Blush

I forgot to swatch this blush but here's what it looks like in the pan.  It really is a beautiful colour.  A bit more pigmented than the cult favourite Nars Orgasm but still works fine for us pale girls.  I wouldn't go any deeper than this in the Nars blushes due to the fact that they are so highly pigmemted, but Deep Throat is a nice slightly more peachy (or in some lights more coral-toned) alternative to Orgasm.  It still has that hint of pink and a golden shimmer-sheen.  I like to think of it as my night-time/going out version of "Orgasm".

BareMinerals Soft Focus Face Brush
I have a few brushes from Bare Mienrals/Bare Escentuals and they are a bit hit-and-miss but this one is quite useful.  I have found it works best for applying some of the more sheer Benefit boxed powders rather than using it for mineral makeup.  It's incredibly silky in texture so it won't work for any products that require precise application. 

So if you're looking for a brush to apply sheer powders that are too light to be used as blush, such as Benefit Dandelion or some of the Mac MSFs (Mineralize Skinfinishes).  I have used it also for applying a light dusting of bronzer (I'm very pale so normal bronzing brushes usually give me far too much coverage because they pick up too much product for my needs) so if you're pale as well you could get away with using this for your bronzer, especially if you want to save on space in your travel makeup bag because you can make use of this brush for multiple makeup tasts.  It's obviously too large for highlighting but for any other face powders it works quite well.  

I wouldn't say it's an amazing or essential brush by any means but I have found uses for it beyond its intended mineral makeup application use.  I guess if you only wanted an extremely light dusting of your actual Bare Minerals foundation to control oil then this would work okay for that purpose, but as this brush looks more dense than it actually is, it's too soft for buffing in a full face of mineral foundation adequately.

Sample time!

Lastly, here's the trio of samples that I found inside the box.  They must've run out of some of their skincare items, one of which I chose during checkout on the site, so I received a shampoo and conditioner sample set by Frederic Fekkai.  I have previously used some styling products from the brand Fekkai but this was my first encounter with their Brilliant Glossing shampoo and conditioner with olive oil.  To be completely honest, they weren't anything special.  They're not awful products by any means, they just didn't impress me enough to encourage me to seek out the full sizes.  I'm loving my KMS shampoo at the moment (which I will do a post on shortly) so I'll be sticking with that for the time being.  

As for the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, I actually haven't been able to test this out due to the shade being too dark for me.  I have passed this tiny little sample tube on to my Mum so hopefully she will be able to try it as she is a couple of shades darker than me.  

I am guessing that due to the fact that I purchased a BareMinerals foundation in the shade "Fairly Medium" they put in a medium shade in the tinted moisturiser sample... but even though I am pale I still have to use the Fairly Medium colour in the BareMinerals range (although I do mix it with a little but of "Fair" depending on the season) as their colour spectrum does run on the light side.

The last sample I received was the Nude Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturiser.  I haven't tried this as yet but I am assuming that it's going to be on the rich side although I can't really tell exactly how creamy it's going to be, but as I don't use any sort of anti-ageing products in my skincare routine, I can't see this being up my alley really.  I might give it a try overnight though.  I have heard however that Nude Skincare have changed their formula for this moisturiser and apparently people are not too happy with the new one, so we'll see, I'm not expecting anything with this one to be honest.

Frederic Fekkai Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner, NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser & Nude Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturiser.


I'd just like to finish up by saying that I've been very pleased with every order I have placed with Mecca Cosmetica so far.  I used to shop in-store more often, but seeing as I don't live close to any of their stores, as soon as I discovered their fabulous online store a while back I have been stocking up on all my products online.  The quality of the products, customer service and ease-of-use of the site has been consistently impressive and I have always received my orders in a timely manner which is always a plus when not living in a major city.  It's always fun getting to test out the few little samples that you get to pick at checkout as well - anything from shampoo and conditioner to night creams, eye creams and other skincare products.

So if you've been debating whether or not to place an order with Mecca Cosmetica, I can definitely recommend them highly for all of your makeup, skin and hair care needs.  I am not affiliated with them in any way, I've just come to be a fan.

So let me know if you're a Mecca Cosmetica fan and which brands you purchase most often from them... 

- or click here to shop with Mecca Cosmetica.


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